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Hourly Comics 1

July 11, 2010

8:00 AM: Bartholemew: "What is your take on illegal immigration?" Leeroy: "Everyone should have equal rights as citizens of the Internet." 9:00 AM: Leeroy: "Grading math for my summer job.  These middle-schoolers are teaching me some good geometry." 10:00 AM: Computer: "Hey, it's Basil.  Want to join my band?" Hal: "/type YES!  Do you need a kazooist?"11:00 AM: Hal: "I am swearing off linguistic prescriptivism!  From now on, if you can communicate, that's good enough for me!" Leeroy: "That's generous of you!" Hal: "Not really.  I only did it to justify learning Na'vi." 1:00 PM Bartholemew: "My pencil jar is full of dust!  What the heck, pencil jar?"2:00 PM: Bartholemew: "Want to take a hike?" Hal: "Anything that requires sunscreen is pure masochism." Bartholemew: "So, no?" Hal: "Nah, I'll come.  I need something to blog about." Hal: "Hey, look, some humans." Bartholemew: "Act like wildlife, maybe they'll feed us."4:00 PM: Jenkins: "Am I hungry or tired? I can't tell.  I feel tired so I'm probably thirsty."