About Moss

Moss is a webcomic.

Moss is the rather disjointed story of some ducks, a platypus, some humans, and Hal, an egg/coconut/robot/rock.  It updates pretty much whenever I feel like it, and sometimes when I don’t.  Occasionally I will post bloggy things like rants and music reviews and such.  Also featured are also two other comics that I am messing with, Roommates and The Narrator Always Wins.

Moss has been around since, oh, March or April of 2009, when the number of webcomics I had read reached some sort of critical mass and flipped a switch in my brain that compelled me to make my own.  The early episodes were influenced (very) heavily by xkcd, but I soon realized that I simply could not approach the sublime mastery of the stick-figure that Randall Munroe exhibits in his artwork, and so my characters became ducks.

Moss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, which means you are absolutely free to copy, print, save, distribute, or remix any of the content on this site, as long as it’s not for profit, you allow others to freely share any derivative work, and you give me credit for whatever you use.  Linking to the Moss site is especially greatly appreciated.

Moss is not responsible for any content on sites linked to from here.  I have no control over what the owners of those sites choose to post, and I don’t necessarily endorse their views.  Blah blah standard disclaimer stuff.

Moss supports the underuse of commas. Vile, pesky things they are.

Moss is delicious.


2 Responses to “About Moss”

  1. sandy gardner aka C.M. Says:

    Moss is okay. E verything else in the world is okay. Except me.
    YOU are stupendous and indescribable and awesome and tall.
    “and” replaces the commas you denigrate.
    I probably won’t contact you again by any electronic means or any other
    means because I am tooooooooooooooooooooo busy.
    But I still love you, despite the 55-year difference in our ages, the disparity in our heights. the distance we keep from each other,
    and my superior views of all things viewable.

  2. Raine Says:

    🙂 I discovered this site 2 minutes ago and have fallen in love with it because of the Portal comic (lol) and the Google Translate Pie chart (lol). 😀 Keep updating because this is website is nice! ^^

    P.S. I posted this here because I wanted to. And I’m lazy.

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