Father’s Day 2010

Leeroy: "I was going to draw you something for a Father's Day card, but then I realized that all images are symbols, a level of abstraction removed from reality, and therefore an inadequate substitute for it." Bartholemew: "Uh huh..." Leeroy: "So here's a hug." Bartholemew: "I see the time you spend on esoteric philosophy is not entirely wasted."

Can it be?  Has Moss actually returned to life?

I can’t promise to update MWF this summer because I actually have a day job, but I’ll post when I have time.  The reason there haven’t been updates recently is that I’ve been writing a play, which may one day be posted on this site.  So stay tuned.  I haven’t given up yet.


One Response to “Father’s Day 2010”

  1. Feross Says:

    Ben, I love this!

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