The God Delusion Debate

I promise I’m working on a comic, but right now I’m totally engrossed by this:;

Clearly, neither side had as much time as they would have liked, even though the debate was over an hour and a half.  If you have an opinion, you can comment below.


4 Responses to “The God Delusion Debate”

  1. braon Says:

    Well, yes, I happen to think that people who believe in a god are suffering from a delusion. They may not have other delusions, not be generally delusional, but they have at least that one. And as it has been a socially and politically ACCEPTABLE delusion for thousands of years, deists don’t generally suffer much in the way of consequences for their variety of magical thinking.

  2. Raine Says:

    :p I wish that it had been Don Stewart going up against Dawkins… because Don would have totally won 🙂

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