Ice Cream

Hal: Four bucks for an ice cream cone? Hells no! Bartholemew: Well, you get more than just ice cream... Bartholemew: When you buy an ice cream cone, you're not just buying a delicious treat, you're buying a cultural icon! A symbol of youth and summer and relaxation, along with an experience that you share with millions of other ice cream eaters! It is the quintessential American treat. Hal: What about when your ice cream falls in the sand? Bartholemew: Well, that is the quintessential American tragedy.

I would have found this comic greatly upsetting when I was little. Apologies to any children I have scarred.


One Response to “Ice Cream”

  1. Wookerton Says:

    YOU SCARRED ME, BIG BROTHER! I may never forgive you. *sob*

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