Billions and Billions of Stars

A Dream: "iTunes is now allowing you to rate things with arbitrary numbers of stars.  I'm giving this song billions and billions of stars." "You can do planets too, watch" "A universe was born in my brain."Okay, this comic is so INSANELY DIFFERENT from anything I have done previously that it deserves some explanation.

I’m experimenting with using Gimp to color my comics.  It is provably the most awesome software.  It basically does everything I would require of Photoshop, and it’s free.  Awesome sauce.

These weird little guys are actually torpedo sock puppets (like submarine weapons.  Yes, it’s weird.) They were the characters in the first comic I have any record of drawing, back in the mid-90s.

But DAMN coloring comics is time-consuming, especially using a trackpad.  I am not sure it is something I would do regularly, unless I become a professional webcartoonist dude and have hours to spend on each comic.


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