Premature Optimization

Hal: "Leeroy! Check out my epic house plans! I've thought of everything.  Built-in iPod dock.  Compartmentalized storage.  Built-in paper clip dispenser and pencil sharpener! This house is maximally efficient and organized!" Leeroy: "But Donald Knuth said premature optimization is the root of all evil!" Hal: "OH NO but he is my HERO!!" Leeroy: "It's true! If paper and pencils are replaced by electronic media, you'll have obsolete technology permanently integrated into your wall!" Hal: "hmm..." [Later:] Hal: "Hokay, here's version 2." Leeroy: "Hal, this is just a box with a bed, a fridge, and a computer!" Hal: "The computer is for VIRTUAL REALITY."

Virtual reality never goes out of style!

Man, I think I have pushed the limit for text on a comic.  I gotta start writing shorter scripts!


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