Power Switch is Back Online

My one-dude band, Power Switch Failure, is making a new album!  Meaning, I’m making a new album.

It’s kind of exciting (and also scary) because I’m moving away from GarageBand’s sucky synth voices and towards guitar, piano, and vocals, which means I’ll have to deal with crazy things like microphones and amps and other tools that exist in the physical world.  It should be fun, though, and I’ve already got a bunch of songs written, though not recorded. I’m going for more of a folk-rock feel with the new album, so we’ll see how it turns out. Also exciting: I now have a Bandcamp site, which is very cool. I don’t see how Bandcamp can stay in business if they don’t sell ad space and don’t charge subscription or upload fees, but whatever. I am just glad they exist.

There is currently one track up there, and it is available for free download.  Not actually part of the new album, but it’s a hint of where I’m taking PSF in the near future.


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