Site Updates: Search and Random


I’ve just added two awesome new features to the Moss site.  Thanks to WordPress’s updates to the way image metadata is indexed, I’ve been able to make the text of every comic fully searchable from the sidebar. —>

So now if you want to find all the comics about corpses or fish or Hal, you can.

I also made every comic into a link that, using sufficiently advanced magic, will take you to a random post.  Don’t worry, it’s actually only pseudo-random, and no kittehs will be harmed by decaying nuclei or anything like that.

(I hope no kittehs will be harmed.  I don’t actually know how WordPress’s randomization algorithm works.)


One Response to “Site Updates: Search and Random”

  1. Feross Says:

    Ahaha! That Abstruse Goose comic about Schrodinger’s Cat is hilarious!

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