Roommates Pilot

My roomie Alex and I are piloting a new comic based on our conversations.  Here’s episode 1:

Alex: "It's taken me three weeks, but I finally grew a beard so I can look more manly." Ben: "Hmm... that does look more manly.  Maybe I'll grow one."  [[A beard appears on Ben's face with the sound *piff*]] Alex: "I hate you."

Anyway, that is my atonement for not getting a Moss comic done yesterday.  Bleahhhh.


2 Responses to “Roommates Pilot”

  1. Wookerton Says:

    I like how Alex’s shirt keeps changing….

  2. Feross Says:

    Ahaha! This is great!

    Now you need to do the conversation where you said you’d kill Alex (the one of the FroSoQuotes page) – that one would make a great comic.

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