Anti-humor Thursday #6

Spotted Aztec Snake: "My Lord, what I should weep for herself wittingly, it argues an act, and an action of such delights not me!" Chess King: "He poisoning?  A piece of work?" Winged Bottle of Bleach: "For like this from this time for-a-my behove... would I had been loosed out of his fellow student!" Bomb: "Snnnkt!" Duck With Head in Bucket: "Wouldst THOU come here to WHINE?" Ear: "Tweaks me by th' nose?" Press any key to continue.

Generated from the text of Hamlet using a Markov chain algorithm.

I forgot to draw the explosions in the background.  Imagine them.


One Response to “Anti-humor Thursday #6”

  1. daniel Says:

    wow, that is awesome. i take it you’re in 106b now?

    also, “press any key to continue” is pure win. maybe i could call it an antipunchline?

    it all made so little sense before then.

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