Vacation Time in Mossland Bartholemew: "Come on! I rented a cabin by a lake!" Hal: [sitting in front of laptop] "But vacations are so stressful and boring!  Can't I stay here and work?" Bartholemew: "No." Hal: "Please?!?" Bartholemew: "I'll let you figure out our route using Dijkstra's Algorithm." Hal: "Yay!!!" But Bartholemew has already booked a flight! Hal: "Not fair!"

The air-travel graph is way too simple!!

So, this is the beginning of a big story arc, inspired by my sojourn in Wisconsin.  I have a TON of scripts written, so comics should be up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for at least a few weeks (my goal is to continue the pattern indefinitely, but who knows).  And if they’re not, it’s because I’m slacking off, so check in and keep me honest.   This would be a great time to subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven’t already!


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