Platypus, Pt. 4

Bartholemew: "Hey, Ytalp, can't we just be friends?  You're so secretive and I never know whether you're coming or going..." Basil: "GRAAAAH!!"  Bartholemew: "gah! I'm sorry! I just..." Basil: "No, you're cool.  I'm just fed up with our AUTHOR." Bartholemew: "Huh?"  Basil:  "He only likes me for my bilateral symmetry!  I don't even get treated like a real character.  I'm sick of just being used as this running gag that wasn't even very funny in the first place.  Well no more.  I've had enough."  *pop* [[she opens her eyes]]  Basil: "And my name isn't Ytalp, you moronic animal-caricaturist, it's Basil."

She'll be back.

Today is a good day I think for breaking the fourth wall, eh eh?

Also, I am the first person on the internet to use the sentence “he only likes me for my bilateral symmetry.”  I would have thought that someone, somewhere, would have said that before.


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