Goldfish, Pt. 2

Jenkins: "Sometimes I feel like nobody actually listens to me.  It seems like they're just putting up with me because they don't want to be known as meanies.  It's probably because I'm not all that smart or interesting I guess." Goldfish: "It could also be because you talk to fish." Jenkins: "Well I don't want them to get lonely."

But yeah maybe that could be it

I’m back.  Woot.  I am also kinda tired after traveling all day (odd how sitting on a plane takes more out of you than kayaking across a lake), so no lengthy posts today.  I will say that I got a chance to finally listen to more of the awesome indie music that my good friend Josh gave me a while ago. I’ll write more thorough reviews later, but until then, go listen to Wolf Parade. They’re awesome, easy-to-listen-to Canadian rock with an electronic accent. At Mount Zoomer is especially good.


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