Night of the Living Fuzzy-Wuzzies

Bartholemew: "Zombies!  Why are they always so scary and gross, guys?  Natural selection dictates that the successful zombies would be the cute ones, since they would lull their victims into a false sense of security before eating their grey matter!" Drake: "Yeah! Why aren't there any, um...TEDDY BEAR ZOMBIES?  Dude! We should totally make a movie about teddy bear zombies.  It would be so easy, because we all have spare bears just sittin' around!  Let's do this!" Later: Bartholemew: "So, um, apparently the children who saw our movie are now afraid of teddy bears?  It is a sad day indeed for parenting land."

I consider the phrase "spare bears" a minor stroke of genius on my part.

UPDATE: Check out this Teletubbies mod for Left 4 Dead.


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