I Am Frequently Dehydrated

Drake: "Hey man, how about a drink?" Bartholemew: "Naw, you know me, I never touch that stuff anymore! Drake: "Aw, seriously?  I didn't know." Bartholemew: "Wait...is that...vodka?" Drake: "Yeah..." [[Bartholemew takes the cup and drinks it]] Bartholemew: "Sorry...for a second there it looked like water."

Although I don't drink alcohol, I also don't drink water. At least, not as much as I should. Seriously, what's the recommended amount, like 8 glasses a day? Ridiculous.

In other news, I had an inordinate amount of fun drawing the stout gentleman (er…gentledrake) above.  I think he’ll be a regular.  Also, the one with the top hat is named Bartholemew.


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