Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy: "Hey, Jenkins!  I've got a great idea!" Jenkins: "Lay it on me, Leeroy!" [*pop* Leeroy lays an egg.  *boink* the egg hits Jenkins on the head, dealing 32 damage.]

A pun, scatological humor, slapstick, and a video game reference. Have I truly reduced humor to its lowest form? I daresay I have!


One Response to “Leeroy Jenkins”

  1. Wookerton Says:

    I see a problem with this, Ben. Leeroy is (assumedly) a male name. And yet Leeroy is laying eggs. How could you??!?!
    (If Leeroy is in fact a girl, I feel sorry for her. Her parents must have been cruel ducks.)

    (They are ducks, right? I have a hard time telling your ducks and chickens apart. Try combs on the chickens.)

    (Not fro-combs, Ben.)

    ~Your loving sister

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